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Dedicated to the creepy insanity and beauty that is Gregory Horror Show. Focusing mainly on the show, but I do cover the game as well. Also, if you just can't get enough then check out the Community Resources page on the other side bar!


Cactus girl is cute af

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…he’s right behind me, isn’t he

August 11th 2018 30 notes
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lil gregory

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Professor Bonehead 💀

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showing off the 40+ pictures of his sons in his wallet

August 08th 2018 36 notes
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shiny husbands

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i was reflecting on how a lot of my comfort characters were cats so i decided to draw one of em!

(Source: r3ver1e)

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old death sketch

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Day 11: Gregory from Gregory Horror Show! A really neat little series; Each episode is almost 3 minutes, so one season is about the length of a movie. Last I heard, they were planning a reboot a few years back, I wonder what’s happening with that…

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Roulette boy is the cutest Gregory Horror Show character and you can’t change my mind

August 03rd 2018 30 notes
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