Digital Hantek DSO3064 Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope 4CH 200MS/s 60MHz 10k 16M USB 2.0 DSO3064 KIT V with big Aluminum box

hp tektronix, kits diy

Oscilloscopes 100mhz

With carry box: Dso2250. Isds205a. Serial multimeter. 1.0ns/div-50s/div, roll:100ms-50s/div. Tm-194. Fpga arm. Atten aps3005s. Replace jack plug. Wholesale diode 6a4. Sds2102. Wholesale hantek 4. 

Current Time

Dso1122s. 80mhz. P6500. S4000. 0.1k/channel. Instrustar. Use4: 2gsa/s. 6022be. Ut395a. 

10mhz Bpf

Gj0745-01b. Digital multimeter counter. Dso7202b. Delay time accuracy	: Car-detector: Wholesale cable electric measure. Wholesale probe test automotive. Cc-650 color: Software suppor : Cat5   bnc. Usb logic analyzer. Hantek dso7082b warranty: -20 ℃ ~ +75℃. 

Digital Osciloscope 60mhz

Hantek pc usb virtual oscilloscope. Operation environment: Hantek dso7202b delivery: Wemo wifi. 500 ms/div - 50 s/div. 1gs/s. Bandwidth, mhz: La-4032l. 6204bd. Mso7082blg package:Dc-6mhz; dc-100mhz. 1gsa/s hantek brand. Ut200a/b. Maximum input voltagei: 6022be hantek. Learn accessories. Electronic parts. 

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Would You Like a Room?
Dedicated to the creepy insanity and beauty that is Gregory Horror Show. Focusing mainly on the show, but I do cover the game as well. Also, if you just can't get enough then check out the Community Resources page on the other side bar!


Cactus girl is cute af

August 12th 2018 28 notes
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…he’s right behind me, isn’t he

August 11th 2018 30 notes
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lil gregory

August 10th 2018 237 notes
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Professor Bonehead 💀

August 09th 2018 37 notes
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showing off the 40+ pictures of his sons in his wallet

August 08th 2018 36 notes
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shiny husbands

August 07th 2018 36 notes
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i was reflecting on how a lot of my comfort characters were cats so i decided to draw one of em!

(Source: r3ver1e)

August 06th 2018 93 notes
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old death sketch

August 05th 2018 11 notes
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Day 11: Gregory from Gregory Horror Show! A really neat little series; Each episode is almost 3 minutes, so one season is about the length of a movie. Last I heard, they were planning a reboot a few years back, I wonder what’s happening with that…

August 04th 2018 31 notes
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Roulette boy is the cutest Gregory Horror Show character and you can’t change my mind

August 03rd 2018 30 notes
#GHS #Gregory Horror Show #Roulette Boy
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